Cup making machine high speed

paper cup forming machine is a fully automatic paper cup forming machine, which can produce different sizes of paper cups with a series of continuous process, including automatic paper feeding, paper anti-withdrawal device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, transferring paper fan by robot hand, silicone oil lubricating, bottom punching, bottom folding, bottom pre-heating, bottom knurling, cup discharging. The machine, researched and developed by our company, is improved steadily after comprehensive technical improvements.

High Speed Paper Cup Machine

Speed: 100~120pcs/ minute,

Size range: 2~16oz (Mold Changeable),

Suite Paper thickness: 190~350 gsm (quality paper),

PLC control + Servo motor + Auto oil + Collector/Stacker

10 divide OPEN CAM + 10 mold (Aluminium alter mold),

Self-hot air heating (2 local self hot air, each 5KW,)

All drive by Shaft + Gear + Cam, no chain,

cup top rim twice curling, and 360 degree,

Fault detection and alarm & stop

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