Cup making machine

It makes both one-side or two-side PE-film-coated paper cups after running a whole procedure of automatic Multistep pre-printed-cup-fan-paper Feeding (Multi-step paper-feed and Anti-back device to keep the accurate position), cupbody-side welding, silicone-oil lubricating(for top curling), robot transfer cup body, bottom-disk punching, bottom preheating and pre-folding, main heating, bottom knurling(cool device for 2PE), top curling, cup discharging and collecting.

Paper cup making machine:

Paper Cup Size: 3 ~ 12 oz (other sizes available)

Rated Speed:

70~90 PCS/minute, 7oz stable 80pcs/minute

Speed affected by cup size, paper quality & thickness

Raw Material: One-side or Two side PE coated paper

Suitable paper weight: 180~350gsm

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